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  • Verdiant Getaway: 3 Days 2 Nights in IPOHMarch 23, 2020

    Not only family, friends, and career, travel is also indispensable in our life. Travel is another kind of life. Life is a journey, the pace of non-stop picking up the beauty of life and weight, so that travel more meaning of life, so that live more travel state of mind. 

    On 7 February 2020, we have the first Verdiant Quarterly Alignment Getaway, of Verdant Solar in 2020 in Ipoh. We believe Ipoh is not stranged to many people as it is a bustling city with many distinctive buildings. At the same time, it is also famous for authentic food. This is why we choose to travel to Ipoh (YUM YUM).

    There is so much delicious food in Ipoh, it’s no problem to eat from morning till night! 🤩

    Looking for something to eat when you’re hungry at night? We recommend Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street)! There is a lot of delicious food, such as noodles, desserts, snacks and so on. The whole street there is full of gourmet stalls, and the food sold is more or less the same, so go to whichever one you like. The opportunity will not come again when it is now or never. If you miss this time, you will not know when the next time will come. So if you want to eat, eat all you can! 😋

    Ipoh is also famous for its dim sum, and many outsiders will try it when they come here. For compatriot who wants to try dim sum, we would recommend Greentown Dim Sum Cafe for your dim sum fix. It’s not only delicious, and it’s HALAL certified restaurant. Make sure you went there with an empty stomach. 😬

    Home-made hotpot as our dinner.🍲
    We are VERDIANT

    “I think part of my confidence comes from being able to say ‘I don’t know everything, and I’m learning on the job, too.’” —— Heidi Zak



    It can be said that while we work, we learn new things every day. We’re not superman, we’re learners. We also believe that on the way to learning, we’re not alone, because there’s a big Verdiant family behind us to support us. ✨ 


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