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    Do Solar Panels work on Rainy Days?

    By January 14, 2020 No Comments

    Do Solar Panels work on Rainy Days?January 14, 2020

    With the implementation of NEM (Net Energy Metering) and the encouragement of the government, more and more people install Solar PV Systems in their homes. However, before installing Solar PV System, many people must have the same question in mind: –

    The answer is YES


    The power generation of Solar PV System has always been our greatest concern, the size of power generation is directly related to: –

    1. The capacity of the system
    2. The local sunshine and the angle of components, and
    3. The environment directly affects the power generation of the Solar PV System.

    In fact, solar panels can take advantage of direct or indirect sunlight and work best when receiving direct sunlight. It can produce up to 10% of their maximum power on cloudy day or rainy day, and it will not stop generating electricity. The exact power may vary depending on the rainfall overhead and the visibility and width of the clouds.

    Besides that, rain water can actually help solar panels operate more efficiently after rain, because rain water will wash away any dirt or dust. Therefore, we do not have to worry about whether the bad weather will affect the operation of solar panels.

    We all are responsible for protecting the environment. Let’s Go Green, Go Solar together! 


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