What is the difference compare to conventional turbine ventilator?

Solar Ventilator is 10 times more powerful than conventional turbine fans (some call it mushroom head fan). This is because solar ventilation fans is an active ventilation method. This means that it’s powered by solar (from sunlight) which activates the motor to run its fan blade. Comparatively, the conventional wind turbine which is a passive ventilator is powered by the wind. which is less effective. A hot day means hot sun (strong sunray) but not necessarily strong wind. ( Most of the time, it’s vice versa – strong wind, chilly weather.)

How long it takes to install?

installation takes 45 mins for each unit

It don’t work at night

Verdant Star works during day time from around 730am to around 7pm when there is source of heat. We don’t find the necessity to have it work at night as the heat has been exhausted out by Verdant Star during day time. Customer feel hot at night now is because heat been trapped in their attic space during day time & flow down to their living space during night time during temperature is low at their living space. However, if customer insists to want it to function during night time, they can opt to add on power adapter with RM200 additional cost. Cost does not inclusive wiring work. Most of the time, we will request customer to prepare the socket point for us to plug in out adapter at attic level.

How to know does it functioning?

one way to find out is look at the fan during day time through manhole. Another way is by feel, as our product will definitely exhaust out the heat, customer could find the different before and after installation. If, it’s not working , they could feel the living area is hot. By then only they check it out from manhole.

What is the warranty?

5 years warranty on all parts

Got battery for night time usage?

We don’t recommend to use battery as it will cost it will cost additional RM1500 & warranry is only 2 years. Anyway, customer can add power adapter to make Verdant Solar useable at night time.

Does product working during rainy days?

Verdant Star works even during rainy days as long as there is sunlight. Anyway, sun intensity is less compare to hot day. Thus, fan move slower. Anyway, heat build up is less when rain.

Is there any maintenance?

No maintenance needed. The solar panel is self cleanable by rain. Anyway, we will advice for cleaning of panel & fan blade and also checking of other electrical parts every 3 years.

What happen after 5 years warranty?

Most of the parts shall last more than 15 years. The only main parts that might need to change is the motor. Anyway, cost for changes is just RM 250 for now. And as price of electrical parts drops from year to year. We foresee it’s cost will getting cheaper after 5 years.

I am worried solar panel efficiency will drop.

The degradation rate for solar panel is less than 0.5% annually. Imagine you are using our solar ventilator for 20 years. It’s about 10% loss after 20 years. And 30W panel model (VS 1750) you will still have around 27W output when it’s at its peak after 20 years. Rest assured there’s also a 5 years warranty that covers all parts

After open louver at ceiling, will the heat trapped in the attic pass through plaster ceiling go down into rooms?

Hot heat rises, cold one sink. So it won’t go down to room. Especially our product is working to exhaust out the heat from attic

I am afraid of leakage after install.

We have a team of installer who is lead by team leader who has 40 years of roofing experience. They are expert in roof leakage solution too. Thus, they know what caused leakage and to solve it well. Anyway, there is 3 months of leakage warranty in case there is any leakage issue.

I have no confident for made in china product

There is quality & not quality product made in China. Many premium products are made in China just like Apple. Verdant Star is a proven quality product as we have sell it for more than 5 years & made more than 1000 installations to date. And we are confident enough to offer 5 years warranty.

I am afraid motor easy to spoilt.

Unlike normal brush motor, we are using brushless DC motor where it’s driven by magnetic. Thus, better life span (10 years & above). We are giving 5 years warranty to it. Motor is also IP68 waterproof specs.

Are you going to cut a hole on my roof?

Fret not. We will remove only 2 tiles. No cutting involved.

Can Verdant Star be installed on all tiles?

Most of the roof can install Verdant Star i.e metal deck, klip lock, shingle roof, asbestos roof tile. However, RC Slab & Glass cannot install.

Will my aircond being exhaust out once you open louver/ air vent on my ceiling.

Hot heat rises, cold one sink. So, air that near to ceiling is actually hot heat & by exhaust it out, your aircond will cool down your room faster & it works more efficiently. Feedback from client, after install Verdant Star, now they can turn their aircond to higher temperature & save energy.

Why do I need air vent?

Most of the heat came from roof and accumulated inside your attic space. Heat build up from window and wall too. Thus, air vent is required to allow heat inside your building to rise to attic space and further exhausted by Verdant Star.