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  • How can Solar PV Help Lower Electricity BillJuly 30, 2020

    Solar energy is not rocket science, really. However, consumers invariably could not get to the bottom of why solar power systems should be a better choice. Our concerns over the practicality of using solar panels are valid but where do we find our answers?

    Solar panels for residential and commercial use sound rather superior, if not premium. Is maintenance sustainable? How much exactly can we save at the end of the day? How does solar impact my property values? Do the solar panels produce power when the sun isn’t shining? How do we choose a solar installer? And the question probably least asks, what are the environmental benefits of solar power? All these concerns, we hear you and we want to provide you with clear answers.

    Today, let’s focus on one of the often asked questions: How can Solar PV Help Lower My Electricity Bill?

    Stored Power Saves Your Pocket 

    Solar Power systems are built to produce electricity during daylight hours ( as long as the sun shines, which is almost every day in Malaysia). At this time, electricity generated by solar power will first be consumed while the non-utilized or excessive electricity is stored in batteries or feeding back in the grid. Therefore, when night time comes, electricity consumption comes either from the batteries or the grid. Coming from the grid, it will offset our monthly electricity bill. Can you see it now? The energy stored in the energy used later, and it is also the amount we save because that offsets our power bill almost immediately!

    Will it be depleted? Worried not, the clean electricity created by the solar power systems is always used first at home before the power from the grid. If more electricity is needed, it will then source grid power.

    Size Does Matter

    The larger your solar power systems are, the more power it produces for your premise, and that also mean the greater amount of money you get to save. Therefore, choosing a system that is large enough to cover your power usage is important. It indeed lessens your financial commitment in the long run while maximizing your ROI.

    Understanding your consumption behavior and finding a system that suits your property size is the key to saving money. Not only it reduces the running costs of your property tremendously, but you also get to play a role in preparing a greener future for our generations to come.

    This usually can be a cumbersome task for a lot of consumers. But you are in luck because the Verdant Solar team is ready to assist you professionally in all aspects, from the consultation to the installation, every step of the way.


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