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  • Solar For Home : Why Now is The Best Time To InstallJuly 16, 2020

    Solar for Home has been the talk of town. Why?

    Many consumers experienced a significant hike in the electricity bills for April, May and June. This is understandably inevitable when everyone was forced to stay at home as required under the Movement Control Order (MCO). As parents and children are trickling back to work and school in careful stages, does it mean that we are comfortable to go full out? The majority of us, especially parents with young kids and elderly, are still utilizing the electricity heavily at home, of course for safety precautions. Not just that, the offices are back in diligent operation, needing more investment of time for better revenue proposals for next quarter of the year. Life-and-death situation for some corporations. All these mean one thing: The surge of electricity bill has not come to an end. Look no where. Here, we offer a solution and definitely a way to cut down one of your big chunks of household financial commitment

    Exactly why now is the BEST TIME to install Solar for Home:

    1. Great instant savings on your energy bill (Long- Term) 

    Cost reduction in electricity usage is the most attractive draw for individual homeowners. The revised Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme, under which users will consume the electricity generated from the solar energy first and then sell back any excess solar-generated energy to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) according to its tiered tariffs, has been received well by most domestic households. This unequivocally offsets the electricity that your premises have consumed from the grid at the end of the month. The good news is a homeowner who generates more electricity than the household can consume is allowed to roll over the excess electricity to be used for a maximum of 24 months!

    The bottom line is your net payable amount will be much less after deducting the value of energy that you have sold to TNB thanks to the energy surpluses your solar panels harvest.

    2. Prices for photovoltaic panels for homes are lower than they have ever been now

    If you have not known, Malaysia is already the biggest solar PV (Photovoltaics) employer in ASEAN. Our solar sector is well poised for more growth given the favorable conditions that are developing. As a result of this strengthening support of government incentives and global manufacturing expansions, solar modules and panels are now at an all-time low, approximately 60% less. However, with the burgeoning of more solar energy trading platforms in the pipeline, this trend of relentlessly dropping prices may not continue unabated. In this case, good things may not have come for those who wait (too long).

    Don’t forget that the fossil fuel prices can be volatile, fluctuating from time to time. And the last thing you need is having to make an unexpected exorbitant restructuring in your margins due to the changes in electricity tariffs. With solar power, you have an assured and more accurate business operation and maintenance costs, foreseeable and keep exorbitant expenses surprise at bay. 

    3. Solar power is a proven way to boost the value of your home and sell it faster, if you choose to.

    Putting a solar array on your rooftop is an important decision, which involves a fore-sighted sustainability of energy and substantial bill saving for at least 20 years in the future. It is only reasonable to be uncertain if you will stay in the current home for this whole time, committing to an agreement along this time scale.

    Fortunately, this new addition will significantly increase the property value and help sell your house faster. Believe it or not, each kilowatt of solar generation adds nearly one percent to the total value of a home and hence a solar home can be sold up to 20% faster than a regular home.  During the MCO, albeit the property sales is slow, it never stops. The demand has once again picked up its pace now, leaving  those house owners who are still wavering upon what else could add tens or thousands of bucks to the home’s sale price far behind the property game. 

    Another good news to those who are looking for a higher return of investment of solar power under the revised NEM now. On a “one-on-one” offset basis with every 1kWh excess solar PV generated energy exported to the grid offsetting against 1kWh consumed from the grid, you get to save much much more! Well, don’t wait. Click this link to apply for it immediately before the year 2020 ends at 👉 https://solarpv.verdantsolar.my/. We will be at your service right after you leave us a message!

    All in all, purchasing solar panels for your home sooner rather than later is in your best interest as a homeowner. This instant solution really allows you to start saving on electricity and secure flat energy costs in your household. Before the PV panels and modules shoot up in price again, enter the market at its lowest price point, like all other prudent consumers would. Take the advantage of the current tiered tariffs and fortify the value of your home whether you intend to keep the property or sell it in the future.

    Remember your most valuable assets to build a full life anytime when our loved ones are in the picture: home and our clean environment.

    If not now, when?


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